Five Behaviors® Personal Development Facilitation Kit



The Five Behaviors Personal Development Facilitation Kit is meant to be used with the Personal Development Profile (sold separately). This profile teaches individuals about the five behaviors of a cohesive team. It includes thought-provoking activities to help learners recognize ways they can become a better teammate.

The Facilitation Kit acts as a road map for anyone leading a group through this half-day profile. The kit includes handouts, PowerPoint slides with video and comes with an example report so you can feel well-prepared for learning sessions. The kit also makes it easy for you to adapt the profile for both learners who have taken a DiSC assessment before, and those who have not.

About the kit

The Five Behaviors Personal Development Kit includes all the materials you’ll need to help participants work through the Personal Development Profile.

The kit includes

  • A Facilitator’s Guide (fully scripted sessions and learning activities)
  • Fully scripted presentation materials
  • Audio and video resources that dive deeper into the Five Behaviors
  • Participant handout
  • PowerPoint slides with videos
  • Sample reports to help you prepare for sessions

As a facilitator, you can follow the profile exactly as scripted, saving time because you don’t have to develop the entire curriculum on your own. Or if you’d like to add in your own activities, you’re free to do that as well. The Facilitation Kit makes your job as easy and painless as possible. Little to no prep is required to use the kit in leading a learning experience that will stay with participants long after it ends.

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