About Assessments for Success

Inspiring confidence and clarity of purpose is what we do.

What Makes Us Different

Expert Tools

We offer expert tools, used by businesses of all sizes to achieve amazing results that have a lasting impact on teams.

Widely Accessible

Concierge service available to help assist you via phone or email, and assessments delivered straight to your inbox.

Versatile Options

Multiple purchase options allow you to choose the right product for you, or purchase EPIC credits for your own sub-account.

What is Assessments for Success?

Assessments for Success offers trusted assessment methods, such as Everything DISC® and The Five Behaviors®, in order to help you discover what drives you. The results help you recognize the priorities, motivators and triggers that shape experiences in the workplace.

Our philosophy is built on the fundamental belief that different people have different needs, and it is possible to facilitate behavioral change by understanding how those needs influence work experiences and leadership styles. With Assessments for Success, you will be able to identify gaps in your organization, provide feedback, and develop a strategic plan to create the environment you’re looking for.

The Story

We have seen firsthand how transformative these expert insights can be for organizations of all sizes. Driven by a passion to inspire learning in others, Assessments for Success was founded.

Our approach is to offer the tools that develop self-awareness, help you find a more efficient way to resolve issues, set goals and address a variety of needs and situations. We want to help you find your own “a-ha” moments so you can finally realize the change you’ve been trying to make.

The Mission

Our mission is to illuminate possibilities for workplace transformation through self-awareness, collaboration and trust.

You know that to get the best out of your team, you have to help them understand the bigger picture. We believe this should be as easy as possible.

Using Assessments for Success products, you can open your team’s eyes to who they are at their core so they can understand how they communicate, how they process information from others, and how they can more effectively partner with a wider range of personalities on all types of different projects.

At the end of the day, you should be able to rely on your team to collaborate, innovate, and deliver work that everyone is proud of. That starts now.

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