Five Behaviors® Team Development Takeaway Cards



The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Take-Away Cards help participants retain what they’ve learned. These 3 x 5 inch cards are designed to be portable so your team can bring their newfound knowledge into the workplace.

Each card is two-sided. One side has a question that relates to one of the five behaviors, while the other side offers a solution to the question taken from the DiSC curriculum. The cards offer a tangible way for learners to continue improving their skills even after the DiSC assessment is complete.

The Take-Away Cards are sold in sets of 20 (five sets equals 100 cards total). Each set includes these five cards:

  • Building trust (Trust)
  • Healthy and unhealthy behaviors (Conflict)
  • Clarity and buy-in (Commitment)
  • Guidelines for giving and receiving feedback (Accountability)
  • Collective results (Results)

The Take-Away Cards are an effective and unique method of ensuring that participants will succeed in the workplace when their Profile is complete. 

Choose between All Types or Everything DiSC, based on your preferred indicator of behaviors and personality.

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