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Mastering the five areas of emotional intelligence is key to individual and organizational development and long-term success. With TTI Success Insights’ Emotional Quotient Assessment, people are able to dive into the science of EQ through a personalized lens, discovering how emotions currently play a role in their job function and how they can improve their emotional response to a variety of situations. Given this insight, individuals and entire organizations can develop greater awareness, collaboration, and trust, leading everyone to contribute more positively.

Features of the Emotional Quotient™ report

Discover individual levels of EQ in each of the five areas: self awareness, self regulation, motivation, social awareness, and social regulation, and explore strategies to improve with TTI SI EQ. The assessment measures an individual's emotional intelligence in these areas to indicate how well they are able to manage emotions and impact their relationships with others. Using this tool, participants can learn to understand and effectively apply the power of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity.

The benefits go beyond individual growth. Improving EQ across an organization will help companies remain competitive both financially and socially. According to a recent study, financial success was due to “soft skills” such as personality, and the ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead in 85% of the companies who participated.

The value of EQ is only becoming more important and could be the piece missing on the road to success.

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