The Myers-Briggs® App



Enjoy all the insights of the MBTI® type on the go.

With a few simple steps you get immediate access to the MBTI type information. The Myers-Briggs App is a convenient and simple way to implement and use type in your everyday life.

Explore how different personality types complement each other and get insights about personal relationships and professional environments. Add your contacts’ MBTI personality types to the app so you can quickly access their type information and gain a deeper understanding of those around you.

How it works

Discover what the 16 MBTI personality types can teach you about:

• Strengths- Reveal the foundation of your personality and gain insight into the inner landscape of those around you.

• Professional Qualities - Explore different leadership styles, approaches to problem-solving, and methods for reaching goals.

• Stress triggers- Discover unique personal areas of conflict.

• Blind spots- Learn which areas to work on to increase your mastery and success.

How to get access

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