The Leadership Profile 360 Assessment




In this highly customizable 360 survey, Leaders can learn more about their performance based on invited Rater groups. Also available is a norm bar that can compare the average Leader score to other Leader's within your own organization.

This profile is helpful for both leadership and career development. It teaches individuals about their leadership style through direct feedback from others in their organization.

After completing this profile, leaders will know valuable information about:

  • Their leadership outlook and which leadership approaches they naturally fall into.
  • How their teammates (managers, peers, etc) view them.
  • Ways they can develop and improve their leadership approach and strate

Some highlights are:

  • Pick from a library of 24 validated competencies.
  • The ideal number is 7-9 competencies.
  • Each competency has 5 questions that are used.
  • Comments can be made by Raters either on every competency and/or with 5 open ended questions.
  • Time to complete about 30 to 45-minutes.

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