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Success in life comes from realizing your fullest potential. When you truly understand your interests, motivations, and inspirations, it’s easier to find fulfillment and contentment. For many, high school is a time when you start to discover who you are and begin planning for the future. Strong Profile, High School Edition is a dynamic tool that helps you make decisions about which educational opportunities and career paths will be the most fulfilling. By taking the time right now to learn about who you are, you’ll be prepared to make choices in the future that will lead to a healthy, vibrant, and satisfying life.

About the Strong Profile, High School Edition

High school is an exciting time to think about your future and the path you’d like to take in life. It’s the perfect time to discover yourself and advance your skills. Strong Profile, High School Edition makes it easier to understand the unique conditions of today and leverage them into future outcomes that line up with your interests.

This report was designed to help navigate the uncertainty of high school and find higher education opportunities and career paths that match your personality. Learning more about who you are now is one of the most powerful ways to ensure your success in the future. With Strong Profile, High School Edition, you’ll discover valuable insights about your perfect learning environment, working conditions, and leadership style. Figure out which academic majors, schools, industries, and career opportunities are the best match for you and unlock your maximum potential.

Coaching debrief

To enhance your success and fulfillment, once you complete Strong Profile, High School Edition, you’ll participate in a 30-minute group session with one of our certified trainers. During this coaching debrief session, you’ll receive detailed guidance and get actionable insights to help continue your personal development.

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