Step Up to Conflict Workshop



How do we directly address conflict in a way that preserves or improves relationships, creates new opportunities and increases productivity?

Step Up to Conflict provides a ten-step method, founded by the Center for Creative Leadership, for resolving conflict and provides a sound, logical roadmap for action. We believe that:

  • Conflict is inevitable: When people work together they bring differing perspectives, opinions and motives that can lead to conflict.
  • Conflict is not always bad: Many conflicts – when handled properly – can create an atmosphere of creativity and innovation.
  • Conflict management skills can be learned: While natural ability is helpful, we know these skills can be effectively developed and improved.


  • Recognize and understand their own conflict “triggers”
  • Understand how different values may contribute to conflict
  • Practice active and passive positive responses to conflict in their workplace
  • Apply the strategies to a workplace conflict situation


Two 2-Hour Virtual Sessions

September 7th & 21st | 8:30 - 10:30 AM (PST)


November 15th & 17th | 8:30 - 10:30 AM (PST)


$495 per person


The sessions will take place virtually over Zoom. The Zoom link will be provided upon registration.


Participants will receive a certificate of completion from the Center for Creative Leadership to promote your successful completion of your course.


The workshop is set to host a minimum of 8 participants. If there are not 8 participants enrolled by the time of the session, the session will be cancelled and all participants who paid will receive a full refund.

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