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When employees build meaningful connections with coworkers, the impact can be exponential - helping not only the employee feel more engaged and productive, but also accelerating the organization's productivity. That’s why SLII focuses on fostering those workplace connections and developing exceptional leaders who will add true value to any company. With SLII Online, you can reap the benefits of this dynamic program virtually, giving you the ability to enjoy a flexible and customized pace of learning. The program focuses on three primary areas: Self-leadership, team leadership, and building trust. Each of these areas plays an integral role in being a good leader. SLII Online teaches you why.

About the Training

SLII Online is an on-demand, e-learning program that can easily be tailored to your needs. This agile training program helps you internalize the components of visionary leadership, making you more productive and self-motivated overall. SLII Online is for managers and supervisors who want to develop, grow, and take their leadership skills to the next level. This program is a good fit for leaders in any industry or any job.

SLII Online uses interactive, engaging content to teach you how to:

  • Become more self-reliant
  • Speak the same language as your team
  • Improve retention and match your leadership style to the leadership style of others

The program takes place entirely online and teaches through microlearning — short activities that are easy to fit into a busy workday. SLII Online includes the following components:

  • Micro-activities: These eight short modules last a maximum of 20 minutes each.
  • Leadership tendencies tool: This tool helps you recognize both your strengths and areas where you could grow.
  • Interactive exercises: Videos, games, case studies, and other elements support what you’re learning in a fun way.
  • Searchable tools for success: These activities are a way for you to practice.

Use the powerful leadership tools included in SLII Online to accelerate your professional development at the pace that works for you.

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