Personal Insights Using the MBTI(R) Instrument




This program is a 90-minute virtual program for up to 16 participants. Each person will complete the official MBTI(R) assessment. A Zoom link will be provided to each person. 


  • Each participant will explore their 4-letter MBTI type
  • Each participant will learn the language of MBTI, so each team member has a common language to understand each other
  • Participants will understand similarities and differences of their team members
  • Be able to understand the strengths of the team
  • Participants will become explore their potential pitfalls 


MBTI(R) Interpretive Report in Organizations, a 10-page report which provides an in-depth exploration of a

leaders’ work style.


Introduction and Overview of MBTI

Self-Estimation Activities (1-4)

1.     Extraversion/Introversion Activity
How people get energy

2.     Sensing/Intuition Activity
How people take in information

3.     Thinking/Feeling Activity
How people make decisions

4.     Judging/Perceiving Activity
How people orient themselves to time

How to Work with Me

Team members will be invited to share what they need from others.

Team Dynamics
We will analyze your team’s style and provide commentary on the team’s strengths and potential pitfalls.

Strategies to Flex Your Communication

Flexing tips are provided for all the preferences so that individuals can explore how they can be better understood.

Follow On Activities

After the session, we will send your team an email with 3 ways to continue to learn and  explore about your own personality style and your colleagues as well.

Action Plan, Wrap Up & Close

An opportunity will be provided to capture your insights about the session and create an action plan.

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