My UB™: Recognize and Manage Bias



The key to decreasing discrimination is to learn about unconscious bias from a cultural intelligence standpoint, and that’s exactly what My UB teaches. Learning about cultural intelligence, cultural values, and unconscious bias all play an integral role in helping decrease discrimination. In this online course, you’ll learn how to become more aware of bias and manage any bias you have.

About the Training

My UB is a good fit for anyone: Executives, administrators, front line employees, students, and individuals can all benefit. The program is conducted entirely online and you can work through the modules at your own speed using either a desktop computer or mobile device. My UB uses cultural intelligence to manage the negative impact of bias.

After completing My UB, you’ll know how to use cultural intelligence to:

  • Be committed to managing bias
  • Recognizing bias in yourself and others
  • Making a plan to interrupt bias

My UB is:

  • Fast-paced — The course is just an hour-long and split into five- to ten-minute modules
  • Interactive — Learn through videos and fun activities
  • Relevant — Examples help you apply what you’re learning
  • Scalable — My UB is effective for anybody, from CEOs to students to individuals
  • Accessible — Access the content via your mobile device

This program includes two assessments, a pre- and post-assessment, so you can keep track of your progress in managing bias.

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