MBTI® Profile Step II & Coaching Debrief



The MBTI® Step II (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®) builds upon an individual’s 4-letter type and displays five facets associated with each preference. The facets will dig down deeper into the uniqueness of a person’s personality and provides rich insights. Understanding your unique personality type can unlock your potential and reveal your motivation in life. The MBTI tool sheds light on unique personalities and inner landscapes, to help people learn about who they are. It’s the first step on the pathway to a future of lifelong success and contentment.

MBTI is the perfect tool for individuals or for organizations and companies. When your employees learn about their unique personality types, they’ll be able to bring more value to the table. Conflict will decrease while motivation and efficiency will rise. MBTI helps you create an organization full of self- leaders who can effectively apply their leadership skills in the workplace, helping your business evolve and grow.

About MBTI Step II 

The MBTI Step II enhances the insights uncovered during the MBTI Step I to promote even deeper levels of self-development. For individuals, MBTI teaches you what your natural strengths are and how to build on areas you want to grow in.

For companies, MBTI teaches your employees about what drives them so they can become more motivated and efficient at work. It also helps you get an idea of which personalities mesh well so you can assemble effective teams. The guidance that the MBTI Step II provides is prized by centers of academic excellence, governments, and Fortune 500 companies around the world. The results of this tool provides translate into remarkable discovery and growth that will fuel you or your employees for many years to come.

Coaching debrief

After finishing the MBTI Step II, you’ll participate in a 60-minute private debrief and self-estimation exercise with one of our certified trainers. This coaching debrief session helps you decide on your own 4-letter type and understand the 4 MBTI preference pairs - teaching you how to make the most out of the information you received.

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