MBTI® Profile Step I & Coaching Debrief



The MBTI® Step I (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®) is an acclaimed personality assessment that’s used around the world to guide personal development and improve organizational effectiveness. The most effective way to discover your goals and motivations is to understand your unique personality type, and that’s what MBTI helps you do. The MBTI Step I is the perfect method to learn more about yourself and step into a happier, more fulfilled future.

About the MBTI Step I

The MBTI Step I is a powerful tool that reveals insights about the inner workings and external representations of your personality. As you work through the MBTI Step I, the tool uses psychological principles to create yours or your employee’s unique personality profile from a selection of 16 different types. The insights provided by this assessment are prized by centers of higher learning, enterprise-level corporations, and governments around the world. By exploring the content of the MBTI Step I, you’ll unlock keys that will help you discover your greatest potential. MBTI can also greatly benefit any individual or entire organizations. Since a company’s biggest advantage is its people, MBTI can help team members improve communication, increase efficiency, and foster leadership skills - benefiting everyone on a personal and professional level. Whether you utilize MBTI for yourself or your business, the journey starts here.

Coaching Debrief

After finishing the MBTI Step I, you’ll participate in a 30-minute group self-estimation exercise with one of our certified trainers. This coaching debrief session helps you decide on your own 4-letter type and understand the 4 MBTI preference pairs - teaching you how to make the most out of the information you received.

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