MBTI® Interpretive Report for Organizations & Coaching Debrief



When an organization understands its employees at an individual level, it’s easy to make evidence- based decisions about project management, teams, leadership qualities, communication styles, assets, and liabilities. The MBTI® framework is a perfect approach for transforming your organization’s understanding of the capacities and potential of its team. The MBTI® Interpretive Report for Organizations (IRO) provides you with valuable insights into the human capital — your employees — who are guiding your success. IRO is a results-orientated tool to explore personal competencies and help you make decisions based on personality traits.

About the MBTI IRO 

The modern organizational environment is characterized by various conditions of uncertainty that make it challenging to prepare for the future. IRO is a premier tool for evaluating individuals to gain insights that reduce uncertainty and provide strategic guidance in a comprehensive, evidence-based way. The insights provided by this assessment provide organizations with the framework necessary to manage human capital dynamically and holistically.

Design the most innovative and successful future for your organization by revealing the wellsprings of talent and motivation driving your processes today. While the information that the IRO provides naturally enhanced everyday processes in human resources departments, in total, this test provides benefits for every organizational context and division. Understanding the people that form our working groups and teams is challenging but this assessment is a powerfully constructive shortcut. Learn more about your organization by deploying the IRO to your staff. Put your people first by gaining a deeper understanding of who they are and what is guiding them.

Coaching debrief

After completing the IRO assessment, participants will engage in a 45-minute private debrief with one of our certified trainers. This coaching debrief session enhances the success of both individuals and organizations by providing detailed guidance about their specific profile and teaching participants how to make the most out of the information they have received.

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