Managing Virtual and Global Teams




While working remotely has its advantages, it can also be challenging. Leaders will need to effectively lead a large spectrum of teams, including co-located, virtual teams and situations where some members are dispersed and some in the same location. These teams need a strategy for thinking differently, communicating digitally, and making sure people feel included, connected, and aligned to perform at their best.


All leader levels, all functions

Value Proposition

We leverage the proven strengths of our research-based content, outstanding instructional design, and our top-notch faculty to create this high impact, human centered self-directed development program.  This course is designed to help leaders develop a mindset, skill set and tool kit to handle more complexity and ambiguity associated with navigating the new virtual landscape with great effectiveness.


By attending this program, participants will:

  • Increase effectiveness as a leader and/or member of a virtual/hybrid team
  • Identify research-based best practices that contribute to an optimal virtual environment
  • Learn and practice the mindsets, skill sets, and tools for effective virtual/hybrid leadership
  • Quickly build a sense of “team” virtually when forming/joining a new team


Self-paced, 4-week course; Approximately 1.5 – 2 hours per week


100% online delivery, via CCL’s Leadership Accelerator (CLA)​

Cohort Size

Average cohort size is similar to average class size of 24 with a max of 50 participants per cohort due to social aspect of comments/replies.


$350.00 per participant


For any questions, please reach out to our Client Experience Coordinator, Kayla (

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