Korn Ferry 360 Assessment & Coaching Debrief



The Korn Ferry 360 Assessment (formerly known as VOICES® 360) helps you develop and grow into a world-class leader. This assessment is a good fit for any leader who wants to enhance leadership skills or any organization that wants to build its employees into strong leaders. The results of the assessment are both competency-based and behavior-based, shedding light on strengths, weaknesses, and how to reach excellence in the workplace.

Features of the Korn Ferry 360 Assessment

Korn Ferry 360 measures a person’s competencies in four key areas: Thought: how they understand the business and make decisions, Results: how they take initiative and execute, People: how they collaborate and influence, and Self: how they demonstrate self-awareness and authenticity. The assessment also measures “stallers” and “stoppers”, which are considered harmful behaviors detrimental to leadership performance.

No other assessment tool breaks down the characteristics of a leader like Korn Ferry 360 does. All participants receive a detailed 65-page report that’s clear, easy to understand, and offers actionable suggestions for improvement. Your results from Korn Ferry 360 will allow you to:

  • Clearly see your highest and lowest competencies, and identify career stallers and stoppers that may be harmful to success at work.
  • Make full use of the important data to focus on the competencies that will provide the maximum return on development efforts.
  • Gain deep insights into each competency or staller/stopper with information on skill, potential overuse, blind spots, and hidden strengths all in one place.

Korn Ferry 360 gives you a comprehensive look at every component that goes into good leadership.

Coaching debrief

After completing your Korn Ferry 360 assessment, you’ll participate in a 120-minute coaching debrief that will help you implement the information you’ve learned. This debrief is an online call with a certified coach that will guide you through the outcome of your assessment and provide personalized strategies that will help you evolve and grow. You’ll receive a follow-up email to schedule your date and time for the coaching debrief once you've completed the assessment.

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