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The Hogan EQ report measures emotional intelligence (EQ), — the capacity to recognize and control your own and others’ emotions. The report looks at EQ from two directions, helping you learn about both your bright side personality characteristics (which are positive aspects) and your dark side personality characteristics (which can interfere with your ability to function). Assessing EQ helps you become more self-aware so you can provide more value. Learn about your EQ and succeed in the workplace and beyond.

Features of the Hogan EQ Report

The Hogan EQ Report gives you an overall EQ score and then individual scores for six different emotional competencies:

  • Awareness — How well you’re in touch with your emotions.
  • Detection — How much you’re aware of others’ emotions and thoughts.
  • Regulation — How well you can maintain positive emotional states.
  • Influence — How much you can intentionally affect others’ moods, thoughts, and behaviors.
  • Expression — How well you can effectively communicate desired emotional states to others.
  • Empathy — How well you can feel what others are feeling.

After completing the assessment, your final EQ report will share helpful information including a summary of likely behaviors, discussion topics, and pros and cons.

Coaching debrief

To bring even more value to your Hogan experience, you’ll participate in a 60-minute coaching debrief to help you reflect on the entire process. This 60-minute debrief is a one-on-one call with a certified coach who will walk you through the results of your assessment, sharing actionable insights that you can take away from the experience. You’ll receive a follow-up email to schedule your date and time for the coaching debrief once you've completed the Hogan EQ Assessment.

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