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The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile helps individuals understand that focusing on relationships, especially in business, is more important than only focusing on themselves. This popular assessment teaches people about their DiSC personality type and how they can work with others who may approach situations differently. The Workplace Profile helps with conflict resolution and improves motivation, communication, and more amongst team members at every level of the business.

This assessment provides:

  • Individual DiSC personality results, along with strengths and weaknesses
  • How to communicate effectively with other DiSC personalities
  • Troubleshooting tips for working with others

 Inspire behavior change

Everything DiSC helps your company discover the power of “we.” As your team works through the assessment, each person will gain valuable insight about their personalities and how to best collaborate with others. When they put this information into practice, it will create a powerful cultural shift in your company.

Features of the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile

  • Receive personalized results that are easy to put into action.
  • A 20-page workplace-specific report clearly outlines strengths and weaknesses. Get actionable tactics to help build more effective relationships.
  • The assessment is easy to understand — no need for an assessment professional. The survey takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Results are available immediately upon completion.
  • The Workplace Profile will improve your team’s collaboration, motivation, and productivity as participants learn about their unique DiSC styles and how those styles can thrive.

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Learn how the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile can benefit your business: 

Follow up tools

Facilitators can also benefit from two complementary reports. The Supplement for Facilitators Report takes an in-depth look at one person’s assessment. It’s helpful to go through this report with individuals to show the uniqueness of their personality. The Comparison Report is geared for pairs of people who have completed the initial DiSC Workplace assessment.

View sample of The Everything DiSC Supplement for Facilitators Report

View sample of The Everything DiSC Comparison Report

View sample of The Team View Report

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