Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® Profile



The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® Profile is a leadership development assessment that helps individuals grow into their full potential as leaders. Effective for both individuals and groups, this assessment uses the power of DiSC to help participants learn about Vision, Alignment, and Execution.

Through this profile, learners will

  • Understand their leadership style.
  • Learn how their style can be adapted and made more effective.
  • Receive actionable items to help them lead their team toward real results.

Unlock your full leadership potential

The personalized insight delivered in the Work of Leaders Profile helps participants tap into their leadership potential as they learn more about themselves and how to work with others. And when leaders reach their potential, the entire company does, too.

Features included with Work of Leaders

  • Profile that works for anyone who leads an organization or group of any kind.
  • In-depth data report acts as a conversation starter.
  • 20-page leadership-specific report explains what leaders do.

View sample of The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile.

Work of Leaders teaches individuals how to lead a team of people in the most effective way possible.

See how the power of DiSC can help leaders blossom:

Follow up tools

Facilitators can also benefit from two complimentary reports. The Supplement for Facilitators Report takes an in-depth look at one person’s assessment. It’s helpful to go through this report with individuals to show the uniqueness of their personality. The Comparison Report is geared for pairs of people who have completed the initial DiSC Work of Leaders assessment. 

View sample of the Supplement for Facilitators Report.

View sample of the Comparison Report.

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