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The Everything DiSC® Sales Profile can help anyone become a better salesperson and communicate well with customers. This profile takes learners through a DiSC assessment to learn about their personal style. Participants will then learn about customer buying styles and how to tailor their style to a customer’s. As individuals practice these skills, they’ll ultimately make more sales and improve customer satisfaction.

This profile helps participants learn three important things

  • Their own sales style.
  • How to recognize a customer’s buying style.
  • How to adapt their sales style to fit the customer’s buying style.

Increase sales and customer satisfaction

After completing the Sales Profile, participants will know how to match their style with their customer’s style to sell to customers more effectively. The Sales Profile will also improve customer service skills by teaching tactics to communicate with all kinds of people. The Sales Profile equips learners with actionable knowledge so they can meet their customers’ needs.

Features of the Sales Profile

  • 25-page profile that fits people who are in any type of sales position.
  • 15-20 minute survey, with results available upon completion.
  • Participants learn to recognize customer styles so they can better meet customer needs.

Participants will learn how to tailor their style to each individual customer they encounter. As a result, they’ll be able to close more sales and ensure that customers walk away satisfied.

View sample of the Everything DiSC Sales Profile.

Follow up tools

Facilitators have access to three complimentary reports. The Everything DiSC Supplement for Facilitators explains each set of results in depth. The Comparison Report can be utilized for any two people who have taken the DiSC Sales Profile assessment. The Team View Report provides a quick overview of each participant’s style and dot placement which can be helpful during a workshop to quickly reference the participant’s style.

View sample of the Supplement for Facilitators Report.

View sample of the Comparison Report.

View sample of the Team View Report.

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