Everything DiSC Workplace® Style Index



The Everything DiSC Workplace® Style Index Index is geared to help DiSC facilitators lead more effectively. The style index goes with DiSC Workplace, an assessment that helps teams become more cohesive and build a collaborative work environment as they learn about each other’s communication styles.

Workplace Style Index Guide teaches you about

  • Your individual style and the styles of your teammates or coworkers.
  • How to communicate with people of all different styles.
  • Ways to get through obstacles as you work with all kinds of different people.

The Style Index provides actionable insights that facilitators can immediately put into practice to help empower teams in their workplace communication.

About the Workplace Style Index

The DiSC Workplace Style Index includes four flipbooks for each unit. Each section of the flipbook goes into depth to explain each of the 12 DiSC styles. The sections for each style are further broken down into “If you have this style…” and “When working with this style…”.

The index lists quick tips that can immediately be put into action, making it the perfect tool to keep on hand and quickly review before entering a meeting or writing an email. As long as you know someone else’s DiSC type, you can look them up in the flipbook and find helpful advice to put into practice.

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