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The Everything DiSC® Need Tags are a unique way to transform your next training event. These reusable magnetic tags operate under a simple policy: What if people had their needs written on them? Each of the 12 tags lists a different need, listing things like Accuracy, Stability or Chocolate. Participants can choose their top need and attach the tag to their shirt.

While the tags make a fun conversation starter, they go a lot deeper. The Need Tags play an important role in DiSC training as they help participants learn to articulate their needs and put DiSC vocabulary into practice. The tags will also improve relationships as participants have a visual reminder of what their teammates need from them.

Try using the tags as an icebreaker at the beginning of a training session, letting each participant explain why they chose the tag they did. Then take the Need Tags back into the workplace when the DiSC training is over to continue improving team collaboration.

View best practices for Everything DiSC® Need tags. 

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