Emotional Quotient Certified Practitioner (Self-Directed Course Online)



The training will:

Provide Real-Life Applications: Includes scenarios on effective communication, conflict resolution, and team building, as well as addressing other developmental opportunities.

Teach Best Practices: Dive into the application of the Emotional Quotient report. Participants will better understand the information provided within these reports and obtain debriefing experience while gaining access to insider tips.

Build Expertise: Increase your understanding of how to interpret EQ information and graphs while offering the opportunity to ask questions and explore ways EQ can be utilized within their organization.

Result in Exam Preparation: Training resources to provide participants with the knowledge they need to successfully pass the EQ Certification Exam.

Allow Practice: As a thank you and to help you immediately hit the ground running, we include two Emotional Quotient reports to help you develop and refine skills you will learn during training (a $200 value).

The training includes:

  • Access to “Learn” an online training platform with Emotional Quotient Reference Manual, practice quizzes, your EQ practice exam and 1 prepaid certification exam.
  • Emotional Quotient assessment
  • PowerPoint deck to customize with your own branding Two Emotional Quotient reports to apply newly learned skills with friends and family
  • A complimentary account to maintain and distribute assessment links (there is a charge for each report used)
  • A 60-minute one-on-one coaching session to answer any questions and help prepare you to study for the exam.

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