Everything DiSC® Facilitator Report



The Facilitator Report provides facilitators with data on how each individual participant, names included, scored on the Everything DiSC assessment. The report presents data based on these DiSC results so the facilitator can better understand the group’s culture. With this information in hand, facilitators will be able to run the assessment more smoothly and easily.

The Facilitator Report is best used in a follow-up session after the group has taken a DiSC assessment. The report works with Everything DiSC Workplace, Management, Productive Conflict, Agile EQ, or Sales. The report lists potential problems within the group (based on the DiSC results and culture) that you can discuss and work for both small and large groups, providing a bonus reference page for smaller groups.

Sections of the report include:

  • Introduction to DiSC and Group Culture
  • Your DiSC Culture Information on the individual D, i, S and C Cultures
  • Data summary (a list of participant names and their styles)
  • Small group bonus page (only for groups with <16 people)

The Everything DiSC Facilitator Report acts as a preview, helping the facilitator know what to expect before walking into the group. This allows you to lead with confidence and provide the best learning experience possible for a specific group of participants.

View sample of the Facilitator Report

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