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Everything DiSC Workplace® on Catalyst™ includes all the same components of the popular Everything DiSC Workplace® experience, but with additional bonus content. By completing the assessment and utilizing the Catalyst platform, participants will learn about their DiSC® style and the styles of their teammates. They’ll also get informative charts that help them see the similarities and differences they have with other personality types. Real-time strategies will help them communicate more effectively, and the additional learning modules included with Catalyst are key for continuing long-term development.

Improve workplace communication skills by understanding what others need and expect during conversations and project collaboration.

Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst helps participants learn to adapt and collaborate. And when the assessment is over, the learning doesn’t stop. The on-demand Catalyst platform allows participants to return and learn. In addition to the DiSC assessment and Catalyst learning modules, companies have the option for a guided facilitation with Catalyst if desired.

Features of the Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst

  • A 23-page PDF report helps you discover your DiSC style and the styles of others. The Catalyst on-demand portal and its extra learning opportunities let participants dig deeper into communication skills.
  • Computer adaptive testing and advanced algorithms offer a highly personalized learning experience.
  • Virtual training modules can be easily adapted for any group size or time limit.

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The Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst makes a lasting impact through the Everything DiSC assessment, the Catalyst platform, and the optional instructor-led facilitation.

Discover the power of DiSC Workplace on Catalyst for your business:

Follow up tools

Facilitators can also benefit from three complimentary reports. The Supplement for Facilitators Report takes an in-depth look at one person’s assessment. It’s helpful to go through this report with individuals to show the uniqueness of their personality. The Comparison Report is geared for pairs of people who have completed the initial DiSC Workplace assessment. The Team View Report provides a quick overview of each participant’s style and dot placement which can be helpful during a workshop to quickly reference the participant’s style.

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