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Product Overview

IBetter Conversations Every Day (BCE) is a series of four asynchronous lessons introducing the 4 Core Conversation skills and providing a structure for practicing those skills in real time. It is one of three products in the BCE Suite, with the chief aim of introducing the 4 Core Conversation Skills, practicing them, and sharing experiences in an asynchronous cohort of participants. It can be a follow up to BCE Signature or a standalone product to scale across the organization.

Value Proposition

BCE Self-Paced is an asynchronous learning process that provides awareness and practice of the skills needed for deeper conversations for everyone in your organization, enabling your organization to:

  • Have a common awareness and language around the four Core Conversation Skills across the organization
  • Use that awareness to address issues with openness and respect
  • Create a culture of honest feedback and continual developmental conversations

Core Skills

  • Listen to  understand
  • Ask powerful questions
  • Challenge and support with feedback
  • Establish next steps and accountability

Participant Outcomes

  • Awareness of and opportunity to practice the skills of deeper conversation skills at work and beyond
  • Applying these skills in just-in-time application assignments during each lesson. Collective sharing and learning from application experiences with others in the organization.
  • Use of frameworks that enable participants to increase the quality of communication, enhancing collaboration and understanding in the workplace


4 weeks, 4-6 hours learning plus additional reflection and practice time.


100% online delivery, via CCL’s Leadership Accelerator (CLA)​

Cohort Size

Average cohort size is similar to average class size of 24 with a max of 50 participants per cohort due to social aspect of comments/replies.


$350.00 per participant


For any questions, please reach out to our Client Experience Coordinator, Kayla (

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