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An organization is only as strong as its leaders and can only grow as fast as its leaders do. That’s why self-leadership is an essential component to teach your employees so they’ll be in charge of their own success. With Self Leadership Online, that’s exactly what they’ll learn. When an employee becomes a self leader, they become more proactive and empowered, adding extra value to your organization. Self Leadership Online uses micro-activities and interactive learning opportunities to take participants through seven learning modules focusing on the mindset and skills of a self leader.

About the Training

Self Leadership Online empowers employees, teaching them to take both responsibility and initiative. The program teaches how to become a self leader. Participants learn to set goals and ask for support. Finally, they’re also taught the tenets of SLII (the world’s most popular leadership model) and how SLII applies to self-leadership. Self Leadership Online results in quicker leadership development, better performance, and increased innovation.

This program is a good fit for:

  • Managers, leaders, or any employee who wants to be more productive in the workplace
  • Anyone who has a manager trained in SLII
  • Remote teams
  • People who learn best through digital or online activities

Learners are taught to challenge assumed constraints, be proactive, and activate their points of power. They will also learn about goal setting and seeking out the leadership style that fits with what they need.

The program includes three primary learning features that participants can take advantage of:

  • Micro-activities or seven modules split into one- to five-minute chunks
  • Interactive exercises, such as case studies, discussions, and videos
  • Searchable tools for success, including a variety of learning activities and tools

Self Leadership Online creates leaders who are confident in leading themselves — and, as a natural progression, contributing more and leading others in the workplace.

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