Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Facilitation Kit



The Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Facilitation Kit includes everything you need to provide a high-quality learning experience with the Everything DiSC Productive Conflict profile. The Productive Conflict assessment (sold separately) teaches participants how conflict can be constructive and productive.

Through a personalized assessment, helpful videos, and interactive learning activities, this profile helps learners realize that they can change their response to conflict and shows them how.

The Facilitation Kit includes three modules to support this learning experience

  • Module 1: DiSC in conflict
  • Module 2: Destructive responses
  • Module 3: Changing your response
  • Additional activities: Conflict Map and Comparison Report

About the kit

The Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Facilitation Kit has all of the materials and supports you need to facilitate a Productive Conflict training session. As you lead participants through the video modules, handouts, and other activities, they’ll learn how awkward situations can transform into a place where relationships can become stronger.

The Facilitation Kit also makes it easy for you to modify the assessment based on your timeframe and needs. Switch out the video clips and modify the PowerPoint slides or participant handouts as needed to create the ideal Productive Conflict workshop for you.

This kit includes

  • Leader Guide in Microsoft Word
  • PowerPoint with video
  • Stand-alone video
  • Participant handouts in Microsoft Word
  • Templates and images
  • Online resources
  • Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Interaction Guides (for 25 participants)
  • Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Reference Guide (one flipbook)

With the Productive Conflict Facilitation Kit in hand, you can feel confident leading a training session on your own.


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