Five Behaviors® Personal Development Profile



Five Behaviors® Personal Development helps individuals strengthen the skills that will make them excellent teammates and build stronger teams. This assessment includes components of employee communication, conflict management, and productivity. Personal Development is a good fit for a wide range of participants, no matter how well they know each other. The assessment is created for individual learners and participants do not need to be on the same team.

The Five Behaviors profiles are based on the Patrick Lencioni model to build stronger teams. This model teaches that cohesive teams will always do the following:

  • Trust each other.
  • Engage in debate and conflict around ideas.
  • Commit to decisions.
  • Hold each other accountable.
  • Focus on achieving collective results.

Build stronger teams

Learners will tap into the power of The Five Behaviors® to gain essential insight into their strengths and weaknesses as a teammate. As they work through their personalized report, they’ll receive actionable advice they can use to become better teammates. Individuals will work to strengthen their team playing skills, and their entire teams will become stronger as a result.

Features of Five Behaviors Personal Development

  • Learn the principles of good teamwork according to Patrick Lencioni.
  • 23-page report identifies individual strengths and weaknesses, helping participants learn the skills needed to be a better teammate.
  • 15-20 minute survey offers results immediately upon completion.

Use the Five Behaviors Personal Development curriculum to learn essential skills that will help you be a valuable part of any team.

View sample of the Five Behaviors® Personal Development Profile.

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