Cultural intelligence is an approach that’s used worldwide to make culturally diverse situations more productive. With that focus in mind, the MyCQ Cultural Intelligence is an e-learning course that teaches participants about cultural value preferences, cultural intelligence, and the four primary CQ capabilities. MyCQ teaches the basics of cultural intelligence to both individuals and groups, providing engaging, customized training. The courses are available on-demand, making them the perfect solution for a busy schedule.

About the Training

MyCQ Cultural Intelligence is conducted entirely online, making it highly accessible for remote teams or anybody who has access to the internet. The principles behind the program are scientifically proven to help increase intercultural effectiveness. Many companies consider cultural intelligence to be an essential skill set. So by increasing your cultural intelligence, you can provide more value at work.

Learners will walk away from MyCQ knowing:

  • What CQ is and why it matters
  • How to interpret your personal CQ results
  • How to improve your CQ
  • How to develop a personal CQ action plan
  • Your orientation on ten cultural values and how they impact your work

MyCQ consists of two hours of content that can be completed at any time and pace. The content is engaging and easily applicable, with nine modules including interactive learning activities, videos, quizzes, presentations, and more. The content is personalized for every participant so the course modules will reflect their individual scores. Finally, MyCQ Cultural Intelligence is also mobile-friendly — the content can be accessed through a secure online portal using a mobile device.

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