Talent Insights Engagement Report



The Talent Insights Engagement Report was created as a new tool for the new world of work. If your team has transitioned to remote work and is transitioning back to the office, even part-time, the Engagement Report is the guidebook you’re looking for to manage the “reboarding” process. Individuals, teams, and organizations can benefit from the insights provided in this report as they re-enter and re-engage in the workplace.

Features of Talent Insights Engagement Report

The Talent Insights Engagement Report is your fast-track to success as your teams undergo reboarding. It is a new version of the previous Talent Insights Report with the same great structure that combines DISC and 12 Driving Forces to provide deep insights into human behavior and an enhanced picture of the entire individual. With updated statements and TTI SI’s premier behavioral continuum, you can engage, reboard, and optimize your organization with ease.

This report can be used to:

  • Reconnect employees as they deal with disengagement or navigate a transition back into the workplace by giving them the tools they need to understand each other.
  • Optimize roles based on the current needs of the organization and industry and individual strengths.
  • Fast-track the reboarding process between peers, managers, and leadership by revealing behaviors and motivators.
  • Uncover the unique dynamics presented with hybrid teams.

The insights provided will guide you through your reboarding process with tips and strategies that are easy to apply at every level of the company to create a cohesive and harmonious workplace once again.

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