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Stress is an inevitable part of any role, but how one manages stress makes all the difference. With the Stress Quotient Report, participants can learn how to control their stress before it controls them. Stress Quotient is a diagnostic assessment that measures 7 core categories and 17 sub-categories of stress. This tool can be used by individuals, teams, and entire organizations to get an accurate snapshot of their stress levels in these different categories.

Features of TTI Stress Quotient Report

Awareness is the first step to addressing and preventing problems. With Stress Quotient, you and your teams will be equipped to identify stress and handle it more effectively. This is a priceless benefit given the impact of stress on performance and individual well-being. Stress Quotient measures the 7 core factors that collectively represent the most common, universal causes of stress in the workplace. These are:

  • Job Demands
  • Effort/Reward Balance
  • Control Organizational
  • Change Manager/Supervisor
  • Team Culture
  • Job Situation

The 17 subfactors, then allow participants and their leaders to easily identify and target the areas of most concern. While the tool will pinpoint where someone needs to focus to lessen stress, finding ways to do so is a critical next step. This is why the Stress Report is ideally complemented with the EQ Report to create a fuller picture of someone’s emotional response and pave the way forward.

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Group Report

The Stress Quotient report is also available as a group report that combines individuals’ scores and delivers an average to create an overall picture of how the team performs under given stressors, as well as how each individual fits within the team.

Similarly, organizations can get a company-wide score or use the group report to review and compare results across departments. This is useful because it can reveal if it’s necessary to re-evaluate roles and responsibilities, transferring those from over-stressed teams to less stressed teams.

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