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Five Behaviors Team Development profile helps improve team effectiveness and productivity in teams that apply tools based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types, as their preferred indicator of behaviors and personality.

As participants become more aware of both themselves and others, they’ll learn how to work together and reach maximum productivity. 

Five Behaviors Team Development will:

  • Help learners understand their personalities, the personalities of their coworkers and how they can communicate with one another more effectively.
  • Create more unified teams.
  • Be a good fit for intact teams of 3 to 15 people.

Build teams that get results

Five Behaviors Team Development can help intact teams find unity and merge into a stronger team. Participants will learn about their personalities and the other personalities on their team. Then they’ll learn the interpersonal skills needed to work together and deliver top-notch results.

The Five Behaviors Team Development assessment takes participants through the following stages:

  • A science-backed assessment that delivers fast and accurate results, helping individuals learn about their style.
  • A personalized profile with easy-to-understand information further breaking down each person’s personality.
  • A facilitation that provides an interactive learning experience. Best for 3-15 participants, this instructor-led session can be either virtual or in-person and is customizable to meet each team’s needs.
  • Follow-up progress reports and team survey opportunities to support continued education long-term.

The Team Development assessment can solve dysfunction and bring a team together. By learning about themselves and their team through the Five Behaviors assessment, team members will be able to collaborate more effectively and produce results.

View sample of The Five Behaviors® Team Development Profile

Follow up tools

Facilitators also have access to a complimentary report: The Five Behaviors Comparison Report. This follow-up report can be run to show the strengths and weaknesses of any two individuals who have completed the initial assessment.

View sample of The Five Behaviors Comparison Report

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